1. General information 

1.1 We use cookies. 

1.2 Cookies are text files with small pieces of data from a website that are created within a web browser and are stored on the end device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Those files contain information that is generated when connecting the website and the concrete end device. However, this process does not result in the direct knowledge of the end device user´s identity. 

1.3 Some cookies are vanished once the browser is closed (so called temporary cookies, session cookies), for example the shopping cart review that displays the products stored in the cart.  

1.4 Other types of cookies remain stored on a user´s device and help create a convenient and faster website experiences (so called persistent cookies). Thanks to those files it is possible to display advertisements based on the user´s interests.


2. Consent requirements

2.1 In accordance with the legal requirements, the storage of information on an end device   (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.), for example by cookies settings, and the gaining information from those end devices (tracking) is permitted only in case that a user consents in advance. 

2.2 Depending on the content and functions of particular types of cookies, the need for consent also varies:

2.2.1 Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website and its basic functions. Otherwise, the website shall not function and it shall not be possible to sign in, shop or sell, or perform any other activities. For the reasons set forth above, the technical cookies cannot be deactivated or activated individually. The technical cookies are liable, among others, for: keeping products in the cart, product filters, saving the privacy settings, etc. In case that the collecting/keeping of the information is necessary for the correct functioning of the website, the consent for saving the technical cookies is not required. This necessity is related for example to the displaying of the cart, signing in, ensuring the system security, billing, etc. In accordance with the data processing, which is essential for the correct functioning of the website, you have no right to object.  

2.2.2 Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies enable to collect information relating to the number of users and how they visit the website, and to measure the website activity and the efficiency of the advertising campaigns.  

The analytics cookies do not allow identification of particular individuals. In case that you refuse to use of the analytics cookies, it is no longer possible to analyze the website activity and to optimize. 

2.2.3 Marketingové cookies

Marketing cookies are used to show convenient content or advertisements on a website or on third-party sites. Among others, those cookies are related to the personalized content and enable to adjust a website to the individual needs of particular users and visitors...

Thanks to marketing cookies it is possible to avoid redundant information such as non-responsive product recommendations or useless special offers. Moreover, the marketing cookies enable us to offer additional functions such as product recommendations adapted to the users´ individual needs. This all result in creating profiles that are based on the individual interests. Enabling marketing cookies does not result in direct knowledge of a user’s or visitor´s identity since they work only with pseudonymized data. Without the consent, it is not possible to show content and advertisements adapted to the individual needs.    


3. Option choices in the browser

3.1 Any browser may be configured the way it does not store cookies on the hard ware or the way it deletes already stored cookies . The browser may be configured by any user according to the options provided by particular providers.

3.2 Some examples of where the cookie settings are located and other relating information: 

- https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=cs

- https://support.apple.com/cs-cz/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac

- https://help.opera.com/cs/latest/web-preferences/#cookies



4. Consent management

4.1 The website uses only sophisticated tools to manage setting and archiving of consents of users and visitors. Those tools are used, among others, to save the cookie settings for the entire website.  

4.2 Thanks to those tools, it is possible to store information relating to consents and, as the case may be, their withdrawals and according to this information the website functions may be modified.   


5. Visitor´s and user´s consent

5.1 A user or a visitor gives their consent by clicking the “Accept“ button or by signing in via a banner displayed on the web. In such a way, they enable the web to store data on their end device (e.g. by cookie settings) or to collect data from their end device. 

5.2 Moreover, by clicking the “Accept“ button or by signing in, a user or a visitor  express their consent to the use of some advertising functions of the third parties whose use requires a separate consent. 

5.3 The withdrawals of permissions and consents, which were given by clicking the “Accept“ button or by signing in via a banner, may be taken back.





6. Consent withdrawal

6.1 Every user or visitor has the right to withdraw their given consent relating to the storage of data on their end device (e.g. by cookie settings) or to the collection of data from their end device. 

6.2 The right to withdraw a consent may be exercised electronically via helpdesk or in written form sent to the address of the operator´s registered office. 


7. Partner list

7.1 The list set out below contains the partners who are, based on the consent given by a user or a visitor, provided with the cookies: 



Brief description

Link to the cookie terms and conditions


Partner providing the services of the advertising content optimization using dynamic data and other services.



Partner providing the services of detection and protection of advertising frauds and fraud clicking. 



Platform used for search advertising, banner advertising, retargeting, etc.



Facebook, as a social network, enables to share products and other web pages. Login through this network enables account login. 


Google Ads

Platform used for search advertising, banner advertising, retargeting, etc.


Google Optimize

An A/B testing tool.


Google Analytics

Analytics and marketing tool used to find out how the visitors engage with a website in order to suggest a better layout, functionalities and other functions.  



Platform used for search advertising, banner advertising, retargeting, etc.



Comparison engine providing information when shopping online. It allows sorting, filtering and comparing product prices and other information.