How to complain about your order? How to return goods?

Is there a problem with your purchased products?

Don´t be sad. Make a complaint and we will do our best to make you happy again!


How to do it:

1. Log in to your account, go to "Order details" section HERE and choose the order containing the product you want to complain about.

2. Once you choose the product click on the "Complain" button. Then follow the instructions. If you want us to send you a new product, please take into consideration that the delivery date will be the same as for the product you complained about.

3. We will inform you of any progress. If we require any further information, we will write you a ticket.

4. In case you wish to get a refund, we will offer you a coupon to the value of 115% of the product you complained about for your next  purchase. If you insist on getting a refund, you can refuse the coupon by email or HERE.

TIP! If you complain about a damaged or wrong product, attach a photo of it ( and of its envelope as well) to your email. In most cases you will not be supposed to send us the product itself. We will send you a new one or you will get a refund right away. If, for any reason, we need you to send us the product, we will send you our address by ticket.

NOTICE! Firstly fill the complaint form, do not send the product you want to complain about directly. In most cases, we do not need you to do it. If you send it after all, please take into consideration that the complaint procedure may take some time. Please do not send the products to the ATELI, s.r.o. company address. Please do not mail the letter COD, it will be refused and sent back.