How to buy on

1. Product choice

1.1 Choose a product category and click on the link.

1.2 If you want to find a particular product, write its name, characteristic or SKU number in the search box in the upper-left corner.

2. Product details

2.1 If your question has already been asked by another buyer, you can find the answer in the product card - right column, "PRODUCT DISCUSSION".

2.2 If  you are not satisfied with the answer, do not hesitate to contact our Customer service. Use the product name as the subject line and "Product specification" as the question category.

3. Adding products to the cart

3.1 Click on the chosen product, choose its option and size if it is necessary and click on the "Add to cart" button. This is still no-obligation.

3.2 Click on the "View cart" button to be automatically redirected to your Cart. If you want to continue shopping, click on the '<<' button and you will be redirected to Home Page. If you want to display what is currently in your cart, move your mouse over "Cart" button.

3.3 If you want to update the quantity of the chosen product,  fill in the box. The cart will be then updated. If you want to remove a product, write 0 to the quantity box and wait till the text "Please wait" disappears or click on the cross.

3.4 If you have a voucher, use it in the "Discount codes" box.

4. Finish your purchase

4.1 Click on the "Continue" button to finish your purchase. If this is the first time you buy on marketplace or if you are not logged in, please fill in your email address. Log in if you have already bought here and you want to prefill your information.

First purchase - fill in the password to your new account so you can track your order. Choose your password wisely, you have to remember it. Do not forget to fill in the billing and delivery address and click on the "Continue" button.

4.2 Choose a payment method and click on the "Continue" button.

5. Place an order

5.1 Check the products and the total price. If you are satisfied, click on the "Place an order" button.

6. Payment methods

6.1 You can choose: bank transfer or online payment. Find all the details HERE

6.2 Since we cooperate with external suppliers, it is not possible to pay C.O.D. Find all the details HERE.

7. Delivery time

7.1The delivery time for each product can be found on the respective product detail page. In stock products will be delivered within 2
days. The delivery time of other products can differ and depend on the supplier and period of the year (Christmas, other holidays, etc.) The delivery time starts to be counted on the day of dispatching. Find all the details HERE.