How does work?

1. Free postage

1.1 The price of expensive products is so high that buyers are not usually aware of the fact that the postage is included. However, we offer products that cost less than 1000Kč (or  500Kč in most cases). So how is it possible ? How can we offer you free postage?

1.2 We cooperate directly with distributors from China and Taiwan where most of electronic items are produced. We decided to ship products directly from these countries.

1.3 This is the reason why we save a huge amount of costs. Our intention is to keep the prices as low as possible.

1.4  We managed to minimise the prices thank to the huge amount of parcels that suppliers send to our clients. We never figure postage in the price. We subtract it from our margin. Compare our prices to those of our competitors and you will see the difference.

1.5 All parcels are dispatched from Asia. This is the reason why the delivery time is a little bit longer (see Delivery). However,  all of them are delivered by the Czech Post.

2. How can you complain about products?

2.1 We realize that sending products back to Asia is usually too expensive and it takes some time as well.

2.2 This is the reason why we decided to help you. If you want to complain about the product you bought, you have to create a complaint ticket. Afterwards, you will be given an address ( in the Czech Republic, of course) where you will send the product. Then we will arrange the rest. Our suppliers usually send new products immediately to make this whole process fast.

2.3 In case your parcel gets lost, we take all the responsibility for it  and your order will be dispatched again at our own expense.

3. How can you pay for your order?

3.1 You can pay by bank transfer or by postal order, type A.

3.2 Since the products are sent from Asia, it is not possible to pay C.O.D.

4. In stock products from the Czech Republic delivered within 2 days from the day of dispatching.

4.1 Since our intention is to make you as satisfied as possible, the most favourite products are stored in Pilsen and can be delivered within 2 days in the Czech Republic and within 3 days in Slovakia.

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.