Shipping and delivery time

  • The delivery time is defined for each product. Warehouses will be delivered in 2 working days after after shipment. For other goods, delivery time is individually described on product page by supplier and year (Christmas, other holidays). The delivery time is always counted from the date of shipment. 99.5% of shipments are delivered within the specified delivery times (as of January 2018), the maximum delivery time is 60 days from shipment. If the shipment is not delivered within this period, please enter your complaint, we will send you the goods immediately or we will refund the money.
  • This period may be extended during the Christmas or Holiday period, this does not apply to Warehouses
  • Goods which is not Warehouse type is delivered from Asia suppliers , more informations
  • Goods which is not Warehouse type is delivered from Asia suppliers, for more informations click HERE.
  • In case of shipment loss during transport, we will send the new goods to the customer at our own expense, in this case it is necessary to be aware of the extension of the delivery time
  • Orders with cost over this price €22 can be discussed by a customs service, calculated tax and VAT are compensated according to these conditions. Probability of customs clearance for orders to value €57 is less than 0.1% from our experience